To Read a Book

It’s been a long day. At home, mostly by myself. Elv is in the shop today and pops in once in a while to see how I’m doing. A virus caught up with me again. It’s my own fault this time because I chose to continue to play with our grandkids who have been taking turns along with their parents with the virus.

One of the children’s family had something the whole first half of summer vacation, and now it’s jumped to a different family. Some tested positive. I’ll say right here…. I’m not testing. Anyway, somehow, in the leap, apparently from one family to the other, I caught it.

It’s been a good day, really. I finished reading an old favorite book, Wild Orchards, and started on a nice, fat book by Nathaniel Philbrick, a winner of the National Book Award, entitled Mayflower. I have been longing for a space to read books again and I certainly wouldn’t have picked being sick to get that, but here I am, so!

Clouds rolled in part way through the day and a gentle rain with them. What a perfect day to light candles and do dishes. Wait till the ibuprofen has kicked in a little, go slowly, make the hottest soapy water to wash dishes you can stand, (it feels amazing… the chills take a break), wipe all the counters and the table, paying attention to corners and details, and take an hour to wash, dry, and put away everything. Make a tall glass of ice water and get back to the couch and that book.

I am well cared for by Elv and my family. Around noon, Elv asked for help to move a couch in for me. Within minutes Dru and Jube showed up to help him trade the places of couch and loveseat. Then, Francis called from Nebraska while she and Elv were at their respective local Walmarts to advise things for him to get for me. I hear a lot of criticism aimed at our overuse of social media, but I read in my Bible that I get to be thankful in every situation. I’m especially grateful for communication.

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