August Gleanings

To comment that it’s August already sounds cliche, I know. Summer always flies by, grandkids gear up for school, and the tomatoes start to ripen quickly. For once, I’m up for all of it. I won’t miss the hot weather we endured this summer nor the accompanying noisy AC units.

After two days of gray, cool, rainy weather, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the damp chill off the house. This was my handy excuse to have a little fire in the cook stove.

These two are getting married. It’s so good for us to watch this thing called, engaged to be married. The pictures are “dreamy and gorgeous” to quote one of the married girls in the family. I just want to hire a photographer and see if dreamy and gorgeous can happen to people married for almost forty years, you know? But then why? This is their moment and a precious, happy one it is. We had our turn.

So there goes our youngest, getting married. God bless them with forty of their own years of married life.

The garden turned out well. There’s produce to put up for winter and flowers for fresh vases constantly. These things delight my home keeper’s soul.

This evening standing in the garden with a basket of tomatoes on my arm, I noticed there were little hummingbird-like moths among the zinnias. I’ve seen hummingbird moths before but not these smaller, pretty ones. I hope all of you had a chance to stand silent and still to watch the little bugs and birds that were busy all around you today. Please do this. I assure you, this will help you see that until this moment you were wasting time and energy on too many big things of little consequence.

Elv and I talk a lot these days about what we are learning. And about the future, again. I commented that I don’t want to spend the next ten years looking for some illusive dream. I want to really live this moment, the one right here, right now. And to be thankful.

“Yes,” He said, “Let’s enjoy the meal we are eating. ” I heartily agree,

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