What’s On Your Coffee Table?

Rose Hips
  • There are no rose hips on our coffee table. These have grown to this beautiful in the cabin garden.
  • Encyclopedia Brown books because a few grandchildren read them.
  • A vase of zinnia of a color I cannot capture in a photo. No, I will not try to describe the color, only to say that they are not orange.
  • New pot holders being crocheted because it’s time again. Cotton in any color. Perfection in function. Beautiful, too.
  • Colored pencils, pencils with erasers, a sharpener, and a straight edge. Because we plan rooms or add-ons. They’re also great for highlighting in my Bible. And for journaling.
  • Hot tea for evening sittings with my own person. Elv and I have been empty nesters for over two years. We’re loving it.
  • My books by Alexandra Stoddard about gracious living and making home beautiful. Homebody by Johanna Gains. A stack of children’s books for reading to the grands. I’ve been reading an autobiography by Ephraim Tutt.
  • In a pretty tray: Grandkids pictures, a candle, lotion, another vase of flowers from the garden today that probably should be dried, not in water. And a lidded box within which are a couple decks of Rook cards.

The picture of the rose hips is Clark’s. But the messy coffee table is mine. I like a busy, work-y surface handy to my life. All the littles in my life currently know to leave it be, except the six month old. Nicholas, the current baby is trying to pull himself up now.

Two more pictures after this. In the cloudy daylight my zinnias are showing their real colors. Goes to show you how things appear more accurately in the morning. That goes for problems and troubles, too.

A night’s rest changes the lighting.

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