I found a little known story in Joshua 22 that blesses me. (I got down off my high horse and began to follow the daily readings from the Sunday school quarterly for my morning read. It’s been great, honestly.) This particular story is all about misunderstanding and conflict between people and how communication not only pulled the situation back from battle and bloodshed, but switched up the vibe entirely to mutual blessing.

I wish I could say that we’ve got this figured out ourselves. We’ve just leaped to “battle and bloodshed” so quickly and often. Let’s admit it.

It did require some cooperation and responsibility and effort, though, to communicate. People had to be willing to travel and listen well, too. They actually had to do willing research and to talk with each other.

The best thing I noticed was how it was possible for them to change their thinking from seriously planning battle to accepting information and testimony that ended in being pleased. The CSB uses the word pleased at least twice to describe the feelings of their hearts in the end.

The Israelites were pleased with the report and they blessed God.

Joshua 22:33

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