Capricious Fall & Feelings

It’s a mixed up life. Here are a dozen pictures to prove it. We’ve had snow for a few days the week before last. Now it’s 70 degrees, clouds and sunshine intermittently. Most of the leaves are on the ground unlike the days it was snowing. Then, the leaves were blazing and blushing in all the colors on the trees.

These pictures are randomly placed, too. It’s Monday before Brad’s wedding. Elv’s working on landlord projects first thing today. The Stone House needs a better water heater. (Why do these things happen just before needing to leave for a wedding way out west?)

What a funny mix of farmland and second homes and cabins of city folk is county road 40! Mega farms create a weird, unfamiliar stench, nothing like the comfortable smell of beasts and barn of the farm where I grew up. The lakes and rivers are very low. We didn’t talk much; just took in the sights and smells of Rusk and Sawyer counties. The man selling the water heater had a lot of machinery and tools tucked under gray tarps, old things, a full shop, and no obvious dwelling on the place. He wanted to visit so Elv accommodated for a little while.

Marketplace shopping on Monday

There’s the beautiful country where we’re headed, where Brad’s wedding will take place. Mom and Dad had no idea when they moved to Idaho twenty years ago, how it would turn out for the rest of us.

There are so many beautiful blessings in our lives, I do know this. My head does, well and truly. But honestly, feelings are less logical. I am like the weather today, the sun comes out brilliantly for a few moments and you start to settle into that about the time it hides behind heavy clouds. This is how it feels to have the last one get married. Of course, it’s a joy to have him go with his beautiful bride who also loves Jesus. Nobody in her right mind would argue that. Still, it’s another change… He’s never coming back, not really. I don’t want him to, honestly. Yet, I know how much heart and energy and time we invested in being a family… To get them ready to do it themselves one day.

Front Porch

I stole this picture from Belle’s dad. She’s one of the 19 grandchildren of ours. She’s one of the nineteen being invested in, urgently and carefully, because that’s what you do for love, for joy, with laughter and tears. Can there be a greater joy than to know your children walk in truth?

Cook Stove Weather Is Here
October Snow

It’s time to redo your mantles, folks. Lisl shows us that it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Shop your own home and garden. If you find an old piece of embroidered linen at the used shop, that’s great too.

What’s On Your Coffee Table?
Gunflint Trail

Forty years with the best husband ever. We’re not rich or famous, thankfully, but we’re full of ordinary burdens and blessings that keep our world going round. Until Jesus comes.

I would comment on the war in Europe, the famine in Africa, and the state of the Union in general, but why? Even though I believe that God has all this under his watchful eye, I tend to agonize over the unthinkable pain that so many ordinary people are suffering through. My little mixed up world is amazingly, above all that I could ask or think!

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