Bitterly Cold and Snowy Day

And it’s kind of a lazy afternoon. I’ve been doing a puzzle, (thanks to my secret sister from church), and listening to Gaskel’s Cranford on Audible. Oh, I could be working on half a dozen other chores or projects, but I happen to know that this hour is precious and passing. I saw today that the Brighter Winter reading session is almost here. Does Audible count?

I’ve not read Cranford before. I suppose the story line is rather quaint and boring; but I’m enjoying Gaskel’s well written wit and wisdom. If I attempted to show you how ridiculous something is, I would only be scathing. She manages to point it out with the kindest candor. I keep bursting out in snorting laughter.

Some of the Christmas decorating is done and now I’m getting geared up to make some candy and cookies. I found more of that old, blueberry honey from Francis to make honey and cream taffy again this Christmas season. So I’m feeling all cozy and crunchy about that.

In reading Hebrews 12 today, I ran smack dab into the be-thankful instruction, again. This is the chapter about discipline and suffering as God’s children. We keep hearing about not having the victim mentality. I heard it, again, in last Sunday’s sermon. It’s true, we shouldn’t. But don’t you think that anyone under God’s discipline or who is suffering for whatever reason is feeling something negative? Maybe even a little victim-y in the process? I certainly do at times. How to get from suffering to thankfulness lies in the ability to trust that God knows and is at the controls for our best interest. That He loves us as a father does his children.

Of course, I’m all for being brave and strong and thankful, you know … as opposed to the victimhood vibes. But, those positive qualities come with endeavor through processes that aren’t exactly easy or fun. I think that’s the point, finally.

This chapter is a bit much, honestly. By the time I neared the end I began to feel hopelessly inadequate. When am I going to start feeling the loved-like-a-daughter part? Verse 28 says, Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful. By it, we may serve God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.

Accepting the hard parts as affirmations of His love and care moves us to worship. And to be thankful even when it stays hard for seemingly forever. Even when we are personally shaken, (“retraumatized”), we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken. I’m anchoring, right here.

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