Christmas, Again

Jesus came and gave Himself for us … We were/are sin-broken and hopeless. But He bought us back. I’m thinking about the miracle of that this year. Flinging my soul there again. Oh yes, we’ve been healing and walking on, but, it’s the full redemption that is ahead when He comes back for us that I am banking on.

I’m banking on that as an older, gnarled christian. For all the tough times, and pruning, we’re stronger in our faith, but it turns out we’re still fallible humans with broken parts. And scars. And some touchy spots. Still those tears when a memory comes along. Or when the broken parts get jostled.

All the therapy and counseling in the world could not mend or erase the leftover limp, discovered Jacob. And what is the point of having our tears wiped away in the end, if they are not still falling?

I think I have been too interested in modeling perfection on this side, already. Too impatient with myself and others, too proud to just be my own messy human person. I hate that I fail kindness sometimes, and that I might have hurt someone.

Peace and Goodwill pronounced on us all that night by the angels is especially comforting this year. No matter how each of us works out our personal healing today, therapies or not, it’s what Jesus did for us that will finally clinch perfection for us. In the meantime, there’s prayer for our resource of hope and love for each other. And worship and fellowship, both glimpses of finally being alright and together with Him in His Kingdom.

I guess this is why we need Christmas again, to remember that He came to rescue us, to redeem us. We’re walking in faith, and being sanctified, pressing toward the mark. But we’re not shed of our humanness, these bars of bone, just yet. We need the Christmas promise again, all year long.

His name shall be called Jesus and He shall save His people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21

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