Writing and Speaking Lessons

Words are probably my favorite thing. Reading and writing and talking. Words are also my enemy in the middle of the night sometimes. Words heal hearts. They also hurt, wounding spirits and reopening wounds. Words are life or death. Jesus is the Word made flesh. He lived here and left his words for us that we get to keep and share and live by.

Elv gets tired of all my words. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a quota. But it’s good for me to consider before I begin to tell him my pet theory of the day. If I intend to be understood clearly I must choose my words with care staying within my quota. Because after a certain number of them, he glazes over, and sometimes fairly quickly depending on how in love he is with what I’m saying.

So, I am always editing and deleting large portions of opinion and thought as I go along. I know, that’s hard to believe. How many times have I started talking and spouting my good ideas only to find out that I hadn’t done my homework or I was merely triggered and let a whole lot of drivel get away as a result. It’s so frustrating. Anybody?

I’ve made a list of reminders so that I don’t weary my people. I want to influence with my words, to inspire and to offer grace.

  • Every word an idea. Isn’t that smart? Charles Dickens was paid a penny per word. He was an amazingly clever writer, really. But nobody wants to have another one around.
  • Use good grammar.
  • Eschew redundancy.
  • Say it simply
  • Be kind
  • Grace is sadly underrated.
  • Use life giving words.
  • Tall, marching words should be inspiring and sweet, not condemning or confusing.
  • Appeal to the good in your audience.
  • Model forgiveness, patience, joy, and grace in your tirades. Isn’t that just fun to think about?
  • Give a gift of hope to your hearers and readers for the end of the day.

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