Gray Days

Ruffed Grouse
White Pine Frosting

We have snow. Lots of snow. Not sunshine, really. Each day a gray sky shuts out the sun. People are starting to feel that hibernation might be a good choice. What’s with this lethargy? And a certain dreary dullness?

The snow is beautiful though. There is something nicely legitimate about high snowbanks and whole landscapes of frosty whiteness.

Have you noticed that we aren’t hearing “unprecedented” in reference to our winter? It’s not what you say about a real winter in Wisconsin, at all. Rather, there is a deeper snow, a colder January, or a higher snow drift to yarn about with our friends and neighbors. “Remember when the snow on each side of the blown path in the back yard was up to our armpits? We’re almost there again this year.”

So we don’t really mind it after all. We kinda like a decently cold, snow-crunchy morning in January. It makes for good ice, better woods trails for loggers, and “kills the bugs”.

Besides there’s nothing like a few inches of new snow to stir up a yen to do some dusting and house plant fluffing.

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