Countdown Days

We’re moving to our own house, the Stone House, soon. It’ll be another few weeks but already we’re beginning the process. Elv has collected the annual load of metal to take to recycling and I have a stack of boxes full of empty jars in the study. It’s a start.

I have a list of to-dos that I have begun: finish the quilt, empty and pack or trash the contents of the storage areas, change the great room curtains, clean the area rugs, and sort our clothes closets. I like this part of moving… It’s like clearing a bad conscience and feels really great to have accomplished.. Besides it keeps me from fretting about the whole procedure.

There’s one part of moving that we can’t do alone. I know this. Still, it’s not fun to ask people to lift and haul big sofas and a heavy piano and those clumsy appliances for us. So I dread this. There’s added pressure because I really want to be sure of where things should be placed so it’s once and done. Those poor guys hauling about our earthly goods shouldn’t have to suffer my dithering and the changing of my mind about where the piano belongs.

Meanwhile, our regular life is happening. Winter and spring contest: rain last week and snow this week. So there’s a thick layer of ice on the lanes and parking areas, terribly treacherous ice that even young people are taking unexpected spills.

It’s the big cross country ski race in Hayward this week.  Town will be full of families anticipating the preliminary activities for children and amateurs. And of tall, svelte skiers from Norway and other faraway places. On the other hand, our little furniture and gift shop isn’t really the thing this week in Hayward. It’ll be quiet work.

Logging IS the thing this week in the woods between snow plowing and more plowing. It’s that time of year because breakup encroaches.

Uncle Amos came up to last weekend again. He’s lonely so he keeps busy visiting his extended family and friends everywhere. We’re glad to be part of that. Not to mention the thick, blue kitchen rug and a proper broom he brought for me this time.

Apparently, it’s also time to reinstate coffee times with old friends. As long as I don’t forget my appointments for them because I’m knee deep into creating spring displays at work, which I am enjoying immensely.

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