Snow on Sunday, Too.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m already raring to go on next week’s projects toward moving. We went to Menards yesterday to gather supplies to finish up the new stairway.

I spent three days at the Stone House painting and cleaning last week. So if you know my life you’ll realize that I had no days at home. Hence, there are only basics done at home: no cookies in the freezer, bread is almost used up, sweeping and laundry in varying stages of undoneness or done depending on how you look at it.

For once I’m “feeling pretty chill” about these half ish conditions.  Because there’s still time. I have two weeks within which to finish getting the Stone House ready and to pack here.

Elv and I both are not just sitting out the day on the couch today. He’s plowing the lane, again. And I’m threatening to do some baking against the coming busy week. Yes, on Sunday afternoon. Compared to the last few days, this will be positively sedentary, trust me.

I think people are in plod mode these days for two reasons. Firstly, it snows pretty well everyday! Inches of it, the kind that clogs lanes and walkways. The roadways are feeling a bit tunnel-like with high banks of snow. So our focus is regularly disrupted with plowing and bad roads.

And then there’s the bug that’s going around, very slowly, one by one. Even our carpenter friend was sick while he worked last week. Whole families being able to come to church is good news.

Elv made me this little oasis in the Stone House so that I can stay warm while taking breaks. Lord willing, I’m adventuring into the world of trim and carpet laying this week. Actually, I’m pretty excited about it.

Let’s see what will be done to show you by next Sunday. Have a good week everyone.

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