Done Moving

Eventually, I expect we’ll have forgotten that we ever moved away for three years. For now, it feels new and different here at the Stone Horse. To settle our things into the comfortable to us places takes some time. Could a person decide now that this is it … Next move is to heaven?

Thank you, all you friends and family who helped us through this process. To our children who put in hours of cleaning, painting, trimming, and just plain sweat and time, we are grateful. To the carpenter friends who snapped their fingers so to speak and a new stairwell appeared in the right place to help make sense of this old house, we thank you. You’re the best! Did anybody tell you that yet today? Hi Ryan. To the guys who stood in a circle, quietly listening to my anxious dithering, and then grunted the piano up the stairs anyway. To the meal makers and trailer load haulers we say thanks so much. To Uncle Amos who drove up from his home to be with us with his own special attentions to details, I am especially grateful. Your presence was the perfect extra for our move. Also thanks to the people who babysat grands in the background so that our children could focus, thanks to you.

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