General Consensus is that normal life has been brought back with our moving into the Stone House. “Does it feel like coming home?” or “We are so happy for you to be moved back into the Stone House.” Someone went so far as to say that “it seems so right.”

Thanks everyone, for caring about it .And we are truly grateful to all of you for your interest. Even when you didn’t get it, you stood by and cared anyway. That’s true friendship. And we appreciate it. At the same time; we were excited about our plan and had worked hard for it, for a long, long time. We had to try. Then everything shifted. It simply couldn’t be. The end. It’s okay, truly.

There are other questions people ask and I wonder, do we owe explanations? Or is this just small talk? I honestly don’t know. We have no need to be defensive, but that is what I feel rising when the subject comes up. So it is one of those left over broken parts that I give back to Jesus. And I ask Him to search my heart and to hold us. Hold us till we learn to trust again and our people trust us again.

Let’s talk about spring. Everyone says it is late in coming. The snow banks took a beating today, but there’s a long way to go till we find the ground. Mostly, I am grateful to be able to focus on our indoor projects for now. Let spring take her time.

Now this evening, I have built a fire in the stove, pulled the blinds, and switched on lamps. Today was a draggy day and we’re both ready to relax. Of all the living rooms and firesides of the last three years, this one truly is quite nice.

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