Grace Notes

When the snow melted this week, something inside me relaxed and breathed again. I was unaware of the clenched and gritted until the warm sunshine began to loosen winter’s grimy grip. Suddenly there were pools of water and rippling sparkles of little rivulets instead of banks of old plowed piles.

The detritus of forgotten tools and trash under last November’s first snow, began to emerge as well. It’s a long time for undone chores to stay hidden. But there they are, soggy and waiting, for someone to begin clean up. And for happy reunions with lost things, ” There’s the good dog dish and the children’s sand toys”.

I gathered up the pressure washer and cleaned off five years of patina from the patio brick and concrete. I’m pretty sure the only thing that solaces my poor clean-y heart as much, is painting an impossible wall or a piece of furniture. We’ll have suppers on the patio again.

And finally, the old shower curtain rod fell down for the last time on Thursday morning. A wall mounted rod this time with a new, creamy, taffeta liner is just the thing.

The new snow storm predicted holds no fears for this girl. That 6-12 inches of new snow will serve well to water the new grass seed that I have scattered. Go ahead, April, bring on the snow and rain showers, spring has won. The trees are budded and green grass is already showing here and there.

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