Thrifting in May

I was planning to stay at home all day today. Instead, Elv wanted his new glasses and contacts to be picked up from the eye clinic. Rebellion subsided when the idea to look for the granddaughter’s gift at the local used shops came to mind. Why not go alone, leisurely-like, to see what there is? And so it was, that I found a few treasures, but no pretty teacup and saucer for the granddaughter.

I found a new coffee table book. It is big and beautiful and inspiring. And at a thrift store, they cost about a dollar. It’s a great place to start if you wish to learn about gourmet cookery, interior design, gardening or even history.

The used shops felt dusty and picked over today. So much stuff. I took my time.

These stemmed cut glass dishes will be used for Sunday evening charcuterie spreads. Olives or pickles or dip.

Smaller mugs for coffee. Aunt Jo will come again on Wednesday morning. This time I have invited the girls to come, too. There will be a cheesecake by Lisl to enjoy with our coffee.

Another little lamp for a dollar. I washed the shade in warm soupy water, rinsing all the dust from other times and places away.

When I walk through the dining room, these lovelies are sending out their sweet odors. The lawns and garden are getting ready to play, inviting me to come out to rake and mow and plant soon.

Last Saturday while we had the help of grandsons the new patio for the little house was laid. Maybe this is one of the most exciting ways to create beautiful space. There will certainly be pictures later. Next week we get to add the hanging pots of ferns and flowers.

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