May Serendipity

Somehow May has plunged us into summer. All the things can happen now: garden planting, lawn mowing, tree planting, unpacking new inventory at work, and window washing. And I’m not getting to any of it. We’re busy otherwise with more important events. We’re headed off to Nebraska to the oldest granddaughters baptism this weekend. Today I had coffee and visits with some of my favorite people. (Yes, I have them.) Somehow, there’s no hurry about the garden. And the lawn can just get shaggy for all I care… Hey, it’s green. Next week will be just as good a time for mowing.

This evening Elv and I puttered at getting the car ready for our trip and playing fetch with Kjelgaard, the new golden retriever pup. I sat on the swing under the ash tree and watched Elv get some things ready to fit into the trunk. It’s still in full daylight at nine so we don’t quit. We talk about this moment. We just want to hold it awhile if we can.

I’ve been noticing a lacy row of green in the garden. So this evening, Aunt Jo and I dug down and found carrots. In May. They taste quite sweet and mild. The real deal, fresh carrots.

Oh, and this morning with my Merlin app I identified warblers by their songs. It’s so pleasant outside now that I can swing open the windows and let the morning loveliness come in. After our long winter, birdsong is heavenly. Do you think they’ll be birds in heaven?

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