What I Meant To Say

I led the Sunday School discussion this morning and I trust that what was said by us all was food for goodness in our souls. But, again I became quite addled, forgetting to stick to my notes and hurrying along. I have to learn to slow down and simply follow the process of discussion and discourse.

So will you allow me to try to make better sense here? We were studying in Philippians chapter three where Paul prescribes to Christians how to pursue the “upward call” in Christ Jesus. And I in my usual way got carried away talking about how much better we do this in hard times because we’re human. Anyway, several people got talking all at once and I ended up not having to do all the talking.

So here’s my roundup big idea.

Sometimes we get to thinking that we could use a break about now, from working so hard on prayer and having a good attitude, and child training, and house cleaning, and keeping track of inventory, and working with people, and saying we’re sorry, and all the ordinary uphill of life. But really, these disciplines are not going away till Jesus comes, we need to be leaning into them. Doing the next right thing.

Instead of deserved breaks, we’re probably going to encounter storms. I’m not keen on the idea at all, because I haven’t been exactly good at storms. I tend to feel hopeless and I try to pin blame. I’ll just speak for myself.

But this I will say for dark times. If we let them, they fine tune focus. There’s little time and brain space for fluff: blame, shame, and tantrums. I am pretty sure I hear you saying, “I found a rock to cling to and His name is Jesus.” And that’s the best place to be, really.

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