There was thick fog all day in Duluth that by evening had become a swirling mist, the street lights could only make halos through. The wipers helped some while I cautiously navigated down the hill towards the Bridge through road construction. I always pray when I’m driving down the hill that I don’t miss my turn off into Masaba Street, ending up in east Duluth on a back street to nowhere. My prayers were answered, pea soup notwithstanding, but road construction had changed my route at the bottom and 35 South gave me no way through to the bridge to home. So I found myself in West Duluth, in the dark, on a confusing one way. I could cross under the big highway and run parallel the big highway, but I couldn’t figure out how to get on the big highway to my bridge to home.

By this time, I was closer to a second bridge option. So I began to talk to God about finding my way on 35 North, now to Hwy 2, which was my only way back to 53 South. It was great to know how the roads were supposed to work, but between road construction and the misty fog in the dark it was going to take some guidance for my searching. Everybody else had already gone home, no doubt, to toast their toes by their own hearths, like sensible folks, because the streets were mostly empty. I kept stopping and turning around and praying my frustration out loud.

Eventually, I found an opening and a sign among the construction barrels. Finally, I was back in with the through traffic on the other bridge headed into Wisconsin.

God is good to me like this. He has been extra good this past year while we navigate the difficulty of change and people troubles. Lately, I have been able to relax in it more, like finally knowing I’m on the bridge to home even though it’s the other bridge and I’m still on the detour but I know exactly where I am and where I’m going.

Leaving Superior city on 53 South, the fog thickened, if anything, but again the road seemed empty, so I set the cruise at 65 and settled in. An hour and a half ahead was my own hearth, waiting.

Oh wait, what is that row of lights about? I braked, realizing that I was approaching far too quickly. And passed a semi truck whose driver had a much better handle on reality that had I. Whoa, I need to slow down and be cautious too! The hearth will keep.

I did in the end get home safe and sound, as they say. But I had time to think about the fact that it’s still foggy for a lot of people on the road to home and I dare not believe that I can safely whisk past them in my own little bubble. That would be unsafe for me and them.

Have a good Autumn day, my friends. I’m especially enjoying the beauty and bounty. Please slow down with me and drive safely. It’s clear up ahead.

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