Fall Pursuits

  • I baked cookies in the cookstove today. This is my first baking in this little Monarch and I’m quite pleased. I had no trouble with it over-browning the tops of the cookies as does the old drafty cookstove at the cabin. Besides, cookstove baked cookies are extra special. I really don’t know what causes that. If someone knows, please, do tell, in the comments.
  • We’ve been making an effort to walk our advised two miles a day. October couldn’t be more accommodating weather-wise. No frost yet. We walk past a lush alfalfa field and at the crossroads we take the gravel past the old orchard with a windmill from the 30’s. Along the way there are also a couple of large, ancient trees that Elv calls “wildlife” trees.
  • On a walk, Lisl pointed out a hydrangea bush along an abandoned property. Yes, I picked a hand full for the great room.
  • I’ve been knitting again. You’ve no idea how much satisfaction comes of knitting a dish cloth with 100% cotton yarn in a basket weave pattern. The finished dishcloth performs perfectly.
  • Apple pie filling from free apples. Even the small green ones from the shaded side of the tree came off the apple slicer in lovely coils. I’m canning alone this year. I could ask for help, but I’m enjoying the unhurriedness of having all the time I need. Of making ordinary kitchen work my own art.

He hates having his picture taken, so he cuts up the whole time. Clark is learning to just keep shooting. He waits for the distracted moment, seizes the opportunity so that we eventually get one that’s almost right.

2 thoughts on “Fall Pursuits”

  1. Just because that’s the kind of cookies I was raised with. A wood Cookstown always brings all kinds of memories of my dear Mom! I like your picture of you and Alv…that brings back a lot of memories too!


  2. Love the picture of you and Elv! The apple pie filling and the cookies look delicious. Actually, all of the pictures capture October 2021.


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